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Now I began to investigate why Shaklee products worked and other products did not.  I did my research, learning everything I could about the company and its products.  Every product I tried worked!  Like it was suppose to.  Eventually I became a Shaklee distributor.

Now I share Shaklee products and how to turn passion for health into passion for helping others achieve better health AND achieve their financial dreams.  I invite you to become educated about this company, its products and its business opportunity.  This process is one of education, willingness and teamwork.  Together we can make dreams come true.

Who I am?  I am a happy person: curious, thoughtful, smarter than your average bear, still shy and loving.  I keep myself active and engaged by taking online college courses, doing nutritional counselling, volunteering with a local Hospice and working out with my Silver Sneakers classmates. 

I continue to have a thirst for knowledge and I continue to "be of service."  I believe that each individual one of us affects the whole and my part is to be the best me I can be. 

Join with me.  Dare to Dream.  Do YOU have A Passion for the Possible?

​Aloha.  Smokie

Shaklee products saved my eyes!

My name is Smokie.

Yes, it's a nickname.  I got it in college many, many years ago in a land and time far, far away.

And I didn't get it because I smoked anything.  I got it because of a cartoon strip and the fact that my precollege tour guide was doing his Master's thesis on cartoon characters and ... anyways, if you want to know about this, check it out at  

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Fast forward many years in which I religiously took nutritional supplements just to ensure my health and then ...

I encountered my own version of my mother's eye issues.   So off to GNC to get some vitamin A. Nothing happened.  My eyes got worse.  Now I'm on the internet ordering all the eye supplements I could find.  Nothing happened.  I continued to get worse.  I eventually lost my job because going to work in a cool-white flourescent light environment was torture.

By now I had had it with supplements.  They didn't work and I had spent enough money on a multitude of products from a multitude of companies to KNOW they didn't work.  They were bogus and I was angry.

One day I went to a health fair before a Wayne Dyer lecture and ran into a Shaklee person.  I told her that her stuff was bogus.  She said Shaklee was different.  I said prove it.  She said I would have to prove it myself by taking Shaklee supplements.  I finally ordered Vita Lea (Shaklee's multi vitamin/mineral) and CartoMax (a complete carotenoid complex) and wonders of wonders!  My eyes got better!

I started exploring natural remedies at an early age because my mother had these quirkey health conditions that baffled her doctors.  My life was challenging because she was often sick with one thing or another and so I set out on a quest.  She and I needed a better life situation.

I spent hours at the library searching through whatever medical and health books they had and finally found an old book about vitamins.  At this particular time, Mom was suffering from ulcers on her eyes that were so painful that they gave her heavy duty narcotics for the pain which also made her paranoid

I read up about eyes, discovered that vitamin A was very beneficial for the eyes and I took home the book and gave it to my father who became interested too.  Off he went to the drug store (a real old fashioned drug store with all kinds of "home" remedies) and came back with a vitamin A ointment that the pharmacist made up.  Lo and behold, the ulcers cleared up.

I was hooked.  I studied everything I could find and became a young (15 year old) expert.

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