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Did you know that as we age we naturally lose muscle mass?
 Yes, regular resistance training can help us keep muscle mass, but even then

we need specific nutrients which we are not normally getting in our diet.

    Did you know that whenever we lose weight we also lose muscle mass -

about 5 pounds of muscle for every 12 pounds of weight loss?  

    So, we Graceful Agers face a couple of problems.

How to keep and get more muscle mass AND how to lose weight without losing muscle mass.

    Shaklee has developed the answer
Shaklee 180
    On most diets you lose fat and muscle.

When you lose muscle, your metabolism drops and you lose your ability to burn fat.

On the 180 Plan, you keep the muscle you have, burn the fat you don't need and lose inches.  

    The average participant in the Shaklee 180 clinical trial lost 15.4 pounds

and over 4 inches around their waist in 12 weeks

AND they maintained 100% of the lean muscle mass!

What is Shaklee 180?

Natural organic ingredients - tested for purity
        Nothing dangerous or risky to your health
        No artificial flavors, sweeteners or preservatives
Online support: meal plans, exercise plans, message boards

        Redirect some of your food budget to healthier and less expensive 180 products
 For less than $3 a meal, you eat a healthy 180 meal

        There's also a healthy snack, an energizing tea and
 a metabolism-boosting supplement