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Shaklee Vitalizer was taken into space by NASA Astronaut Mark Kelly.

in the 60's NASA commissioned Shaklee to develop and produce

a rehydration drink for their astronauts.

Shaklee is America's largest producer of nutritional supplements

and these supplement are only sold by Shaklee to Shaklee members.

So whose is manufacturing all those other supplements

you see on your retailer's shelves?  

Do you know that most nutritional supplements are manufactured

by someone and then different labels are applied to the bottles

giving us all the impression that they were manufactured specifically for that brand.

Shaklee is America's oldest and most respected Nutritional research company.  Dr. Shaklee invented one of the first (maybe the first) nutritional products in 1915.

​Shaklee has spent more than $250,000 on nutritional research - that is more than Shaklee's top 10 competitors combined.