Another interesting finding was the frequency that people used prescription medications.

  • The average study participant under 65 years old took 7.9 medications per year.
  • The average participant over 65 took 19.1 medications per year.
  • The average Shaklee user took less than 1 medication per year (actually it was 0.6)

​One of the most impressive findings was that the Shaklee group had

ZERO abnormal levels of C-Reactive Protein, a marker for inflammation.

The Landmark Study

​The Study that Forever Changed

​the Way We Think About Supplementation

Dr Stephen Chaney

​23 min 52 sec

No other company has provided this detailed information on the efficacy of its products.

​​People who used Shaklee supplements retained normal levels of: 

Blood pressure
HDL cholesterol
C-reactive protein
and more

Personal wellness means taking responsibility for your body, mind and spirit.

I'll talk here about your body.

Your personal physical health is your business.

How you eat, what supplements you take, when/how you exercise are all in your hands.  You're the boss.

Did you know that our body is ever renewing?

98% of the atoms of your body are replaced within a year
your skin is new once a month
your stomach lining is new every 5 days
your skeleton changes every 3 months
you make a new liver every 6 weeks
your DNA at the level of atoms changes every 2 months


The Landmark Study compared the health of Shaklee users with the health of  other supplement users and those who used no supplements.  The results were eye-opening.

This clinical study showed that Shaklee users had better overall health, better biomarkers for health, better levels of essentials nutrients in their blood and lower incidence of disease markers.  Quite impressive just for choosing Shaklee.

 Changing Brands Can Change Your Life - It did mine!

"The study results were very impressive and support the potential benefits of long-term use of dietary supplements."
Gladys Block, Ph.D.
renowned nutrition researcher and
Professor of Epidemiology and Public Health Nutrition

​UC Berkeley

Why Supplement?  Personal Wellness.

Smokie says:

Live well and prosper.

Personal wellness is

one of my priorities.

​If I can help you take steps towards optimal wellness, use this form and connect with me. 

Here's the results of the clinical study:
This clinical study compared 3 groups of people.
All 3 groups were in their 60’s

with the Shaklee group being the oldest


(ideal range)

Used No SupplementsUsed Other Supplement Shaklee  Users

Homocystine levels

(10 or under

(the lower the better)*

C-reactive Protein

(3.0 or under)**


Good Cholesterol

(50 & over:

the higher the better)



​(150 or below)

Coronary Heart Disease7.9%9.8%5%
Heart Attacks7.4%9.1%2.5%
Congestive Heart Failure5.2%5.1%1.4%
"I feel great"45%48%85%

* indicator of heart disease

** a high C-reactive protein number indicates a high degree of inflamation

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Why the Landmark Study Matters

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